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Picasso: Blue and Rose


Picasso was one of those artists that could shift and adapt to different styles like an artistic chameleon. His catalogue of works covers a range of different periods and approaches. They are so diverse and at odds from each other that those less familiar with his work might be surprised at what they see. For example, his more naive work is far more playful than the harsh Cubist pieces.  One era that might also catch people is the Blue and Rose era. If you were to take someone with minimal know… ...

Disneyland's Halloween Cavalcade


There is no better time for a little fancy dress fun than Halloween. We all get to dress up as spooky characters and reenact our favourite scary stories. Some of the most chilling stories ever told aren’t always those from horror films and ghost tales. There are some pretty scary characters in Disney films too. It is one thing to pay homage to them with a great costume, but it is another altogether to do so while watching these characters on parade.  That is exactly what Disneyland visitors ca… ...

Treasures of Kyoto : An Unmissable Exhibition at Musée Cernuschi

Anybody that has toured the art galleries of Paris this year is sure to have noticed that 2018 has a bit of a Japanese vibe. There are lots of interesting exhibitions portraying the nation’s finest artists over different centuries and styles. Some will appeal to modern art fans, while others tap into the art history of the nation. Treasures of Kyoto: three centuries of Rinpa creation, is definitely a great example of the latter. This series looks at the work of the Japanese Rinpa school of the 1… ...

Jean-Michel Basquiat Exhibition at the Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris

Fondation Louis Vuitton Paris

There are some names that immediately stand out when you think of a region or a city. The name Jean-Michel Basquiat is one that will conjure one of two reactions. There will be those art lovers that are aware of the tragic artist work and significance, and therefore keen to see his paintings for themselves. Then there are those that are perhaps unaware of this NYC visionary, simply because of his short career and the fame of other artists of the area. Basquiat may not have been active as an arti… ...

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