• 12 Apr

    Rhum Fest Paris 2019

    Everyone has their preferred form of alcoholic beverage that they turn to for cocktails, parties and special occasions. For many, rum is the best of them all because of its history, taste and versatility.

  • 02 Apr

    Paris Celebrates the Louvre Pyramid's 30th Anniversary

    The famous pyramid of the Louvre museum celebrates its 30th anniversary starting from March 29, 2019. 

  • 13 Mar

    Musée Grévin : The Waxwork Museum that You Should Absolutely Visit !

    The Grevin Waxwork museum in Paris has been closed for a while to undergo a major refurbishment. The curators didn’t just want to give some of the current models a little bit of a facelift and a clean – they wanted to overhaul the experience, add new characters and create something impressive. There is no doubt that they met this aim. 

  • 06 Mar

    Oceans at the Gallery of Evolution, MNHN

    For the majority of 2019, the Evolution Gallery of the Muséum national d’Histoire Naturelle will play host to an incredible marine spectacle in the form of the new Oceans exhibition. This massive show looks at life in lots of different parts of the marine environment – from the large mammals that travel near the surface to the weird creatures of the deep and all the sharks, fish, corals and oddities in between. Part of the aim here is to show that even though this show is diverse, there is still so much that we don’t know about the oceans. 

  • 10 Feb

    Top Things to Do on Valentine's Day in Paris

    Paris is often labelled the ultimate city of love. There is, therefore, this grand expectation that this is the place to go for Valentine’s Day. There are lots of places across the city that can provide a wonderful experience for couples. Some are a little more traditional, while others offer something new for couples with different tastes. You don’t have to go up to Eiffel Tower and fight your way through newly-engaged couples. You also don’t have to put a padlock on the bridge – the poor bridge can’t take much more! Instead, you can find a date night that it romantic, unique or quirky across the city.