• 25 Mar

    "David Bowie Is" a tribute to the pop icon at the Philharmonie de Paris

    The british pop icon David Bowie is paid tribute through an exhibition at the Philharmonie de Paris, a retrospective around the successful carreer of the artist, who strongly influenced the pop music history.

    This exhibition will help you discover more than 300 objects in relation with the pop icon: handwritten lyrics, original costumes, photography , movies, music videos, Bowie’sets and instruments ...

    Having sold 140 million 'albums during his career, David Bowie is a singer, composer, producer and actor, that marked the history of pop music.

    So, while staying at The Sister Hotel it would be great to envisage a visit to the "Philharmonie de Paris", at about 10 minute drive from the hotel. This visit will also allow you to discover a great building in Paris, "The Philharmonie de Paris", mainly dedicated to  symphonic concerts, but also hosting exhibitions, and various cultural events

    Enjoy your visit, and let us know about your "Paris experience"!

    Philharmonie de Paris